Information about salsa activities and shows in Ottawa




Next Shows:

June 2010 - Salsa Palooza (Fundraising)

Shows in 2010:
April 18th 2010  - Montreal Salsa Convention
April 11th 2010  - Rahim's Salsa Fridays 
March 28th 2010 - Caliente's 14th Anniversary
Friday February 13th - Club Caliente - Valentine's

Shows in 2009:
Friday October 17th - Club Caliente
Friday August 14th - Laval Salsa Congress
Tuesday June 30th - Caliente Boat Cruise
Sunday June 17th - Salsa Palooza
Friday March 22nd - Caliente's Anniversary
Friday February 14th - Caliente - Valentine's

Shows in 2004:
Sunday October 10th - Salsa Fever New Group - "Canada Salsa Congress 2004" in Toronto

Saturday October 2nd - Salsa Fever New Group - Club Paraiso
Saturday September 25th - Salsa Fever New Group - Club Caliente
Friday August 5th - Navan Fair
Thursday August 5th - Caliente Salsa Competition
May  - Club Caliente's anniversary

Shows in 2003:
Sunday May 25th - Club Caliente ("Miss Latin America" Beauty Pageant).
Thursday May 1st - La Isla Pro Competition
Thursday April 17th - La Isla Pro Competition
Sunday March 16th - Club Caliente (110 York St. Ottawa)
Thursday February 27th - Club Caliente (110 York St. Ottawa) (Catherine and Oscar). 
Saturday Feb. 1st Ottawa U (Oscar & Tatiana)
Saturday Feb. 1st Ottawa U (S. F. Group)

Shows in 2002:
New Year's Eve - Club La Isla (Oscar & Tatiana)
New Year's Eve - Club La Isla (S. F. Group)
Saturday Dec. 14th - Club La Isla (Oscar & Tatiana)
Friday Nov. 29th - Club Caliente (S. F. Group)
Friday Nov. 29th - Club La Isla (S. F. Group)
Friday Nov 22nd - Club Caliente (Oscar & Tatiana)
Saturday Nov. 9th - Ottawa Salsa Congress (S. F. Group)
Friday Nov. 8th - Ottawa Salsa Congress (Oscar & Tatiana)
Friday Sept. 27th - Club La Isla
Friday Sept. 27th - Club Caliente
Friday Sept. 6th - Rincon Latino
August 30th - Montreal Salsa Congress (Salsa Team Canada)
Friday August 2nd - World Salsa Congress in Puerto Rico. (Salsa Team Canada)
July 27th - Rincon Latino
July 12 - Club Caliente
Saturday June 29th - Aydelu Centre (Aylmer)
Friday June 28 - La Isla
Sunday May 12th (Catherine and Oscar) - Le Cabaret Juste Pour Rire - Montreal.
Sunday May 19th - La Isla 1st. Boat Cruise 2002.
Friday May 24th (Catherine and Oscar) - Caliente Night Club.
Saturday April 13th (Catherine and Oscar) - La Isla.
Friday, February 14th, 2002 - Caliente
Friday, February 7th, 2002 - La Cite Collegial.
Friday, January 11th, 2002 - Caliente

Shows in 2001:
Friday, December  30th, 2001 - La Isla
Friday, December  21st, 2001 - Salsa Fever Christmas Party
Friday, December  14th, 2001 - Caliente
Friday, Dec. 7th. - National Press Club (Industry Canada X-mas Party)
Friday, November  9th, 2001 - Ottawa Salsa Congress (7 Couples)
Monday, Nov, 5th - New RO (Channel 6, Ottawa)
Sat, Oct., 30th - Caliente's Halloween Party
Sat., Oct., 20th - Promenade de l'0tauais
Friday, Oct., 5th - La Isla Groups Competition
Sunday, Sept. 9th, 2001 National Arts Center
Friday, Sept. 7th, 2001 - Caliente Night Club.
Friday, Aug 10th - La Isla. DJ Speedy CD release.
Sunday Aug 5th - Caliente/La Isla Boat Crouise
Sunday July 1st - La Isla Boat Cruise
Sunday May 20th - La Isla Boat Cruise
Sunday April 5th - La Isla Competition Finals
Thursday, March 29th - At Ottawa ROGER'S  Television.
Friday, March 16th - At Caliente Night Club - 5th Anniversary Party.
February, 3rd - Ottawa "U" Latin Night, 
February 17th - Valentine's Party at Caliente, 
February 24th - Salsafanatics 1st. Anniversary.

Fall 2000 Shows:

Sunday, November 26th - "La Isla Night Club"
Show by "Salsa Fever Dancers".
Friday, November 17th - "Caliente Night Club"
Friday, October 27th - "Caliente Night Club"
Show by "Salsa Fever Dancers".
For the very first time "Salsa Fever Dance Studio" won't be performing just with Oscar and Catherine but with a brand new group: "Salsa Fever Dancers", formed by 8 experienced dancers that are or have been students at Salsa Fever.....
Saturday, October 28th - Salsa Fanatics Party
Friday, September 1st - Salsa Fever 2nd Anniversary Party!!!!
Friday August 25th - "DLG" Concert, with Oscar and Catherine.

Sunday, April 13 to 16th 2000

Oscar and Catherine from Salsa Fever Dance Studio got the 3rd place in the semi-professional category on Sunday the 16th!!.

The winner couple was Ricardo Sanchez & Michelle Castro from San Francisco CA.
The second couple was from New Jersey N.Y. - Caribbean Soul Dancers.

In the Pro's the winner couple was Ismael Otero & Yesenia Peralta from New Jersey.

The panel of judges was formed by:

Jossie Neglia from L.A., Jamie Josephson from Miami, and Angel Rodriguez from N.Y.